This Is Us - Das Ist Leben


Staffel 3 Episode 18 (Originalversion):Her

4,0 15 x
Kate and Toby are a little overwhelmed with the care of their premature Jack and receive help from Rebecca. But the proud grandmother shoots a bit over the top and annoys her daughter. Toby is grateful for the support, but Kate reacts annoyed and wants her mother to hold back. Meanwhile Randall and Beth make a life-changin...

Staffel 3 Episode 15 (Originalversion):The Waiting Room

3,0 2 x
The Pearsons fear for the lives of Kate and her baby. The nerve-wracking waiting time causes conflicts between the individual family members: Kevin feels compelled to justify his relapse, and Randall and his wife come up against each other over their future plans.

Staffel 3 Episode 14 (Originalversion): The Graduates

4,5 1 x
Kate made it - she's got her college degree. In her honor Toby is planning a party with all her loved ones. But above all Kevin faces a big challenge with the invitation: He has drunk again. Now he is afraid that his twin sister Kate will notice his relapse.

Staffel 3 Episode 12 (Originalversion): Songbird Road (2)

Nicht verfügbar 3,0 1 x
Kate, Randall and Kevin found their father's little brother. He lives in a shabby caravan, but the three siblings can't watch his situation. He is their uncle, and they worry about him...

Staffel 3 Episode 13 (Originalversion):: Our Little Island Girl

Nicht verfügbar 3,0 3 x
Beth finds out that her mother Carol has been injured at work. She and Zoe hurry to help her. While driving, they are remembering the old times. Carol is still strict and stubborn. But Beth and Zoe just want the best for her.


Nicht verfügbar 3,0 14 x
Rebecca des Programms This Is Us - Das Ist Leben wird von Sixx auf Montag 15 Juli 2019 um 19:10 Uhr ausgestrahlt.

Die Zerreißprobe

Nicht verfügbar 4,0 5 x
Die Zerreißprobe des Programms This Is Us - Das Ist Leben wird von Sixx auf Montag 15 Juli 2019 um 18:15 Uhr ausgestrahlt.

Staffel 3 Episode 17 (Originalversion): R & B

Nicht verfügbar 4,0 4 x
The dispute between Randall and Beth about their professional future enters the next round. In the beginning both don't want to let go of their points of view, but then Randall realizes that he is having the same argument as his parents. He then wants to reconcile with his wife, but then Beth goes too far.


Nicht verfügbar 4,0 6 x
Kate und Toby sind überglücklich, dass ihr Baby die schwere Geburt überlebt hat, dennoch machen sie sich große Sorgen um die Gesundheit ihres Frühchens. Vor allem Toby setzt die Situation zu, und er zieht sich zurück.

Staffel 3 Episode 16 (Originalversion): Don't Take My Sunshine Away

Nicht verfügbar 4,0 7 x
Kate and Toby are overjoyed that their baby has survived the difficult birth, yet they are worried about the health of their premature baby. In particular, Toby is getting into a bad situation and withdraws. Meanwhile Kevin fights for his relationship with Zoe. Together they visit a couple therapy to work on their problems...
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